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Fleeing the war-shattered Bosnia, Armin Kesedzic found his new home in Gothenburg, Sweden. 


The singer and guitarist founded Original Stock in 2013, and his vision was crystal-clear. He wanted to form a band that could be as heavy as possible. Still, he wanted to feature expressive lyrics and strong melodies. 


To make it happen, he worked on that vision with guitar virtuoso Muamer Ramic, thunderous bassist Magnus Sundqvist, and indie-rock drummer Peter Söderlund to create a unique mix of 70s rock, 90s grunge, and modern heavy metal.


The sound of Original Stock tips the hat off to artists like Metallica, Queens of the Stone Age, and Pearl Jam. More importantly, the group is all about collaboration. The back-and-forth between the musicians in the band is at the core of their music. This way, each member can shape the process in unique ways. 


"As a group, we've always defied the expectation of having one band' leader.' We aim to work as a collective. Our different perspectives can create tension, but allow us to have equal expression." - Armin Kesedzic. 


Original Stock touches on topics such as faith, hope, love, and forgiveness in their songs. The band's music embraces a concept of duality, with songs that are both gentle and raw. The barren and windswept winters of Gothenburg inspired its aesthetics. The scenery provides the foundation of the band's distinctive sound.

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